Brian Dominic

As the third generation in the Dominic family to grow up on the land, Brian’s attachment to the fruit and the industry was inevitable. Early memories of Brian’s from their vineyard property in the Riverland include picking grapes by hand all day, after which Brian would stand alongside his father on the tractor as he loaded them onto a truck to deliver to the winery.  It is interesting to note his father was not overly keen when, at five years old, Brian proposed that they put D & A Dominic and Son on the side of the truck.

After school, Brian went on to study accounting which he managed whilst working in the hotel industry. From here he moved into Wine Sales with Berri Renmano Wines and then the Hardy’s group, which then lead to him working within the export division and assisting with one of the first ever shipments of bulk wine in bags from Australia.

Throughout this time Brian helped his father maintain his own vineyards whilst also establishing his own, which he still manages to this day. It was a natural progression which saw Brian establish Dominic Wines in 2005 and 10 years on our story continues. The last 10 years has seen some very dedicated time put into expanding the portfolio of Dominic Wines with the distribution of wines going to many countries throughout the world. Brian believes the road is only half travelled and many opportunities and goals are yet to be achieved.