We believe winemaking is both an art and science – and recognize that there is not just one correct method of winemaking.

Each of our wines is unique and has its own story to tell. Soil, weather, geology and variety are all contributing factors in selecting the winemaking style to apply to the wine production process. Technological innovations have however, given a little more control back to the winemaker and have proven pivotal in creating a consistent and high quality product.

By combining traditional winemaking methods with the latest technological advances, we have been able to accommodate an ever changing consumer market without compromise. We pride ourselves on our hands on, innovative approach where we nurture our South Australian fruit to display their true individual varietal and regional characteristics.


The winery, which sits on the banks of the mighty Murray river in Loxton, South Australia, provides Dominic Wines with state-of-the-art facilities throughout the production and storage of our wines. This facility, coupled with the use of modern and traditional wine making practices, ensures that we are able to bring out the quality characteristics in our wine whilst ensuring best industry practices.






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