What’s your crazy?

Designer handbags, lining up for end of season sales, deep and meaningful conversations with your pet or watching your favourite movie for the tenth time and still crying?


Basket Case Pinot Gris by Dominic Wines South Australia

2014 Pinot Gris


We believe everyone has a true crazy – it is not rational or measured, it is passion!

Ours at the moment is this classy French number with aromatics of white florals, nectarine and pear, the palate enjoys ripe fleshy stone fruits and a little baked apple. A delicious creamy yet crisp finish will have you thinking you have just landed in Paris itself.

So define your own crazy, embrace it and don’t be afraid to share it.

We have and we think you’ll love it!

TASTING NOTES (click here) :

Fruit Source:

Selected from vineyards in South Eastern Australia.


Pale straw with green hues.


It’s Spring time as aromatics of white florals, honeysuckle and rose petals leap out of the bottle, delightfully integrated with freshly cut pear, white peach and nectarines.


The palate is flooded with a refreshing and lively balance of ripe fleshy stone fruit and baked apple. The fresh fruit sweetness is coupled with a complex layer of creaminess that results in a long elegant lingering finish.

Serving Suggestions:

Serve chilled to around 8-12 degrees. Perfect on its own, but equally, if not better, with all things French – soft and hard cheeses, chicken grilled, poached or slow cooked, or a pot of mussels. Our crazy is served with roasted quail with a side of wild mushrooms and dauphinoise potatoes. Best shared amongst friends speaking in a French accent. Salute!


Alcohol: 11.95%

pH: 3.28

TA: 6.11 g/L

Residual Sugar: 3.73g /L

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