Social Media Policy

Dominic Wines uses a range of social media (including Facebook, You Tube, LinkedIn, etc) to help us stay in touch with you and serve you better.


Our Community Guidelines

Please follow the guidelines below when engaging in any of Dominic Wines social media communities:

  • Be respectful. Please do not post any content containing profanity, personal attacks, hateful language, and threats of violence, obscenity, explicit material or defamatory remarks.
  • Protect your personal information. You participate at your own risk so please be careful not to publicly share your personal information or the personal information of others.
  • Follow the law. Discussions about illegal activity, violations of copyright, stalking and other criminal activity are not permitted.
  • Don’t spam. Comments that are off-topic or overtly promotional take away from the purpose of community, please don’t post them. Posting the same content more than once in a discussion could also be considered spam, whether from one person or multiple people. Links are acceptable as long as they are relevant to the conversation.
  • Value all members of the community. Treat all people equally and fairly.
    We practice comment moderation and reserve the right to delete any user submitted data or block/ban any users at our sole discretion. We recognise that moderation can be subjective, so we will make every effort to keep our guidelines clear.

For further information or assistance please do not hesitate to contact the Dominic Wines team via the contact page form or by phone on (08) 8582 5524.