Wine Export Services

The Dominic Wines export market, currently comprising more than 15 destinations across Europe and emerging Asian nations such as Vietnam, Thailand and Japan, is well-served by premium and good cheer bulk wines for bottling at the destination, as well as the increasingly popular ‘Private Label’ option.

All wines are sourced from Dominic Wines’ extensive network of South Australian vineyards, crafted with commitment and dedication in local state-of-the-art facilities and approved by the independent Australian Grape and Wine Authority (AGWA) to guarantee quality, adhere to stringent export standards and protect the world-class reputation of Australian wine exports.

Having entered the export market more than a decade ago, customers can rest assured that whatever the order, the Dominic Wines team has the knowledge and experience – not to mention personal touch – to take care of every aspect of the export process, from assistance with wine selection to transportation and documentation, and consistently exceed expectation.

In the bulk wine export domain, Dominic Wines prepares tailored parcels to meet the customers’ briefs, while the burgeoning ‘Private Label’ wine business – where a bottle label or brand is produced exclusively for and subsequently owned by the customers – sees Dominic Wines manage the entire wine production and supply process, including winemaking, bottling, labelling, packaging, and attending to the logistics and importation documentation.

Please contact Dominic Wines for a list of the bulk export wines available, as well as to discuss any ‘Private Label’ wine purchases.