Our Vineyards

South Australia is unquestionably the jewel in the Australian wine-growing and winemaking crown, with celebrated regions, vineyards and winemakers, along with a myriad of top local and international awards, bearing testimony to its exceptional status.

Dominic Wines complements its Riverland wine region harvest with grapes sourced from 42 carefully selected and like-minded South Australian vineyards in the premium regions of the Barossa Valley, Coonawarra, Langhorne Creek, and the Adelaide Hills.
Riverland vineyards with Murray River and blue sky in the background
The Riverland

Straddled by the life-giving River Murray, South Australia’s Riverland wine region enjoys a pleasant Mediterranean climate characterised by warm, dry summers, relatively mild winters and an average annual rainfall of just 250mm.

It’s the largest winegrowing area in Australia, where a plateau of deep red and heavy soils penetrated by clays and atop a limestone layer is responsible for almost a third of the country’s total production. The Riverland is also home to family-owned and operated Dominic Wines, with 550 hectares under vine delivering an annual crush of about 12,000 tonnes and producing some 8.5 million litres of premium wines, much of it exported to more than 15 countries, including China.

In Dominic Wines’ passion to produce the best possible wines, the company is forever seeking out the finest parcels of fruit from across the state and has, over the years, complemented its Riverland vineyards with grapes sourced from some of the very best South Australian wine regions.

Sunset behind Barossa Valley Vineyards
The Barossa Valley

Just 70 kilometres north east of Adelaide and sharing a boundary with the Riverland, the Barossa is Australia’s premier – not to mention one of the world’s best-known – wine regions and home to some of the finest Shiraz ever to caress a palate.

Coonawarra vineyards at sunset
The Coonawarra

A little further afield is the Coonawarra region, again renowned the world over for producing exceptional red wines. Its secret lies in a marriage of South Australia’s rich red terra rossa soil, limestone, pure underground water and a long cool ripening season, the cool climate adding that something extra to its wines.

The cool climate regions of Langhorne Creek and the Adelaide Hills have similarly been wisely chosen to enrich the breadth and quality of the Dominic Wines South Australian wine range.

Langhorne Creek vines with cloud cover
Langhorne Creek

Langhorne Creek produces some of the finest Australian wine, with the earthy quality of fruit greatly appreciated by Dominic’s winemaker Linley Schultz.

rows of green Adelaide Hills vineyards with clear blue sky
Adelaide Hills

The Adelaide Hills wine region, with many of its vineyards clinging to hillslopes at altitudes of about 600 metres, provides remarkable Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay harvests to bring white wines of truly exceptional quality to Dominic Wines.